Country house style is out? Why it still charms us in 2023!

Tips for a modern and cozy country house style at home.

Why we continue to love the classic country house style!

In the age of minimalist aesthetics and modern interior trends, the question arises: is the country style still relevant? The answer is clear: Yes! In 2023, too, the country house style will be very popular. In this article we want to show you why farm house styles are timeless and how you can decorate your home with a modern and cozy touch of country style.

Why is the country house style timeless?

  • Natural beauty: The country house style is characterized by natural materials and bright colors that embody a timeless beauty. The charm of rustic wood and handcrafted details create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in every room.

Country style dining room


  • Connection to nature: In a hectic world, we often long for a place of retreat that conveys peace and closeness to nature. The country house style makes it possible to feel this connection to nature in your own four walls. With elements such as floral arrangements, natural textiles and subtle greenery, you create a harmonious balance between indoor and outdoor space.


  • Timeless elegance: The country house style combines rustic elements with classic designs. This creates a timeless elegance that will not lose its attractiveness in the future. The style can also be combined in many ways and supplemented with modern influences to create an individual touch.


Tips for a modern and cozy country house style at home

1. Color palette

  • Go for warm, earthy tones like creamy white, beige, sand or different wood tones to create a cozy atmosphere.

  • Combine these base colors with accents of blue, pink or green for a fresh and modern touch.

Country style colors

2. Furniture and decoration

  • Choose furniture made from natural materials like wood, rattan, or wicker. These give your home a rustic charm and a warm look.

  • Go for vintage elements or antiques to give the country style a personal touch and tell a story.

  • Complete the furnishings with lovingly selected accessories such as cuddly cushions, pictures with plants and vases with fresh or dried flowers to emphasize the cozy country house style.

Country style deco


3. Floor coverings

  • Opt for wooden floors or planks to emphasize the rustic character of the country house style.

  • Carpets in natural materials such as wool or jute set cozy accents and ensure a pleasant warmth.

4. Lighting

  • Use warm and indirect light to create a cozy atmosphere. Floor and table lamps with fabric lampshades or candlesticks give the room a romantic flair.

5. Incorporate modern elements

  • The country style can be combined with modern elements to create a contemporary ambience. For example, choose simple, modern pieces of furniture or go for minimalist accessories to freshen up the style.

Country style apartment



The country house style may be considered a traditional furnishing style, but it is by no means outdated. In 2023, the country house style is still very popular and inspires with its natural beauty, connection to nature and timeless elegance. With our tips you can implement a modern and cozy country house style in your home and thus create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in which you can feel completely comfortable.

Regardless of whether you live in the country or want to give your town home a rustic touch, the country house style offers you the opportunity to realize your furnishing dreams and to create a cozy ambience in which you can feel completely at ease.

Discover our hand-picked selection of country-style furniture and accessories below to make your home a place of relaxation and security!

Country style shopping list

Kunstdrucke im skandinavischen Landhausstil Poster mit Pflanzen Motiven und Koralle

Plants and soft tones

Natural colors and plant motifs are a perfect complement to the country style. Art prints with plant motifs bring fresh and lively elements into the room and give it a natural atmosphere. The soft colors of the prints harmonize wonderfully with the rustic materials and warm tones of the country house style, and create such a welcoming and cozy environment.

To the art prints
  • Old linen closet

    Restored closet from Sündenherz

  • Plant print

    Art Print by Amavielle

  • Bedspread

    Stonewashed bedspread in light turquoise by Vossberg

Kunstdruck im skandinavischen Stil von gepressten Pflanzen und Farn

Pressed Plants

The pressed plants underline the natural look of the country house style and bring nature inside your home.

To the art print
  • Basket

    Natural wicker basket from House Doctor via SHABBY DIELE

  • Vase

    Simple glass vase made from recycled glass by Dille & Kamille

  • hook rack

    Handmade wooden hook rack from NatureArtAnja via Etsy

  • Cup

    Stoneware Petunia Mug with blue flower illustration via Nuaconcept

  • console

    Wooden console from Loberon

  • lampshade

    Sklum braided paper lampshade