Blumenaquarell von Wildblumen in Rosa, Braun Beige und Ocker

about the artist


Art can not only beautify rooms, but also awaken emotions and create a certain atmosphere. By integrating art into our everyday lives, we can increase our well-being. This is one of the reasons why, as an artist, I capture the beauty of nature in my works of art and want to bring a piece of nature into my own home.

Inspiration from nature

I draw my inspiration from the beauty of nature, especially from meadows and forests in spring, when the sun still penetrates through the branches to the ground and of course dried plants can be found here and there. I love observing the changes in nature on walks and being inspired by its colors and shapes. Especially in moments when a piece of forest turns into a wild meadow with a stream where grasses grow that rustle in the wind and gently sway back and forth, I feel a wonderful peace and love for nature and connection with God want to put on paper in small moments.

Colors and mood

The colors and the mood that I want to convey through the motif are particularly important to me. I enjoy working with different materials and techniques and am always experimenting to achieve new effects.

I firmly believe that art is not only an aesthetic element in everyday life, but can also make an important contribution to our quality of life. By drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and incorporating it into our living spaces, we can enjoy its power and strengthen our connection to nature.

Nature as part of everyday life

My pictures are intended to offer an opportunity to bring nature into our everyday lives and remind us of its beauty. By looking at them, we can take a break from everyday life and enjoy the little miracles that nature gives us.

-Love Amavielle