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Why are Amavielle's modern pictures the ideal choice for your interior design style?

Looking for art to add personality to your home? Whether for a Scandinavian , modern or minimalist interior style, Amavielle offers an exclusive selection of art prints that will bring your walls to life.

What sets Amavielle’s art prints apart?

Our prints on Hahnemühle paper stand for quality and longevity. Discover works of art that fill every room - from the kitchen to the living room - with a touch of nature.

The difference between art print and poster :

  • Quality and material : Art prints on high-quality paper bring out the subtleties of the original, while posters are usually printed on thinner paper.
  • Aesthetic value : Art prints offer an exclusive look, ideal for sophisticated interior designs in any interior style.

How to find the perfect art print for your home

Choosing your murals for different rooms:

  1. Living Room : Choose large-scale or bold motifs to serve as a focal point.
  2. Bedroom : Favor calming and relaxing motifs for a peaceful atmosphere.
  3. Kitchen : Happy and vibrant images bring energy to the room.
  4. Bathroom : Art prints with relaxing nature motifs are particularly suitable.
  5. Study : Here too, the focus should be on calm and soft colors so that the pictures do not appear distracting.

Add personality to any room

With art prints from Amavielle you can make an individual statement in every room of your home. Our diverse motifs, from natural motifs to abstract art, are perfect for adding a special touch to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and study. Discover the art that speaks to you online now and bring fresh tones into your home.